Weekly music show hosted by Esther Werdiger.
Sounds Ace IV Episode 8 Shut Up No You Shut Up

Hi! Hiiiiii it's me. 

This week we are playing lots of NEW music, predominately by MALE artists. I had all this new music to play over the past two eps and I don't know why, but I divided it into GIRLS and BOYS. So! New things from Twerps, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Girls (pictured), Cymbals Eat Guitars, Real Estate, Jens Lekman, Atlas Sound and M83. Hooray! Thanks to all the new Facebook page fans! What else. Suggestions for specials are welcome, you can totally email me. 

Okay! That's all. I hope everyone's week is WONDERFUL. 

x esther c

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