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Sounds Ace IV Episode 4 Sounds Ace & Israeli Friends

It's a Sounds Ace & Friends! Featuring Meir Lagstein, who guided me through the surprisingly wonderful world of Israel Music, which is the theme of this week's episode. I AVOID Israeli music but recently COMMITTED to look until I found some stuff that I really liked. Scouring Israeli music from the 60's until today, Meir and I managed to avoid anything obviously Middle Eastern-sounding (sorry, racist) and found such good stuff! 90's girl band The Witches (in an excellent duet with Nick Cave, of all people), 80's synth darlings Etnics, poster boy of 90's alternative Aviv Geffen, 80's pop songstress Sharon Lifshitz (pictured), 60's pop revivalists Uzi Navon and Aquaintances, 60's love child Ariel Zilber, psychadelic pioneer David Ben Israel AND MORE. 

Don't be discouraged if all of these names mean NOTHING to you; I was super excited to hear this stuff! 

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